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Arnold’s Cove is an absolute gem for tourists, business travelers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Guests enjoy our modern and convenient suites as their home base to explore the region or a short stop along the way.   Centrally located for hiking trails, coastal site-seeing, cultural experiences, bird-watching, icebergs, whales, local breweries, and much more.

Arnold’s Cove is a friendly, scenic, coastal Newfoundland community located an hour and a half from our capital city, St. John’s. A central location for doing day trips to the Bonavista, Burin and Avalon peninsulas.



Walks, Hikes and Birds

If you enjoy community walks then Arnold’s Cove is the community for you! We encourage you to park your car and explore this vibrant and photogenic community.



Community and Marina Walk
The Marina/wharf is always bustling during the summer months with pleasure boats, working boats and fishermen. Take the time to observe this unique spectacle and if the opportunity presents itself engage one of the many locals. We’re sure their story will fascinate you!


Resettlement Walk
The story of resettlement (centralization) is told at the Heritage House Museum (known as the Drake House). The Resettlement Walk map provides details on the houses within the community, additional information is provided on Google maps which provides details on the families and their histories of the move to Arnold’s Cove. An app is also available to download.



Placentia Bay Look Out
While in Arnold’s Cove be sure to visit the Placentia Bay Lookout. From this breathtaking vantage point you can view the islands of Placentia Bay including Woody Island, Sound Island, Bar Haven, Long Island and Merasheen Island, as well as a spectacular view of our beautiful town. To get there, just turn on Whiffen Head Road which is next to the Killick Inn & Suites. Continue 1.3 km to the turn off for the Placentia Bay Look Out.



Hiking is a very popular activity in this region. Our coastlines and historic paths provide the opportunity to explore and appreciate our natural and cultural environment. Most of the trails meander along the coastlines while others provide panoramic views from vantage points. These centuries’ old paths provided access to neighbouring communities and meadows used for pasture and vegetable gardens.

There are additional trails in the region not mentioned below.  Please contact us for more hiking suggestions.

The Bordeaux Trail
– located in Arnold’s Cove
Boasts: Coastal scenery, beaches, coastal plants, meadows and remnant foundations

Distance: 4.5 km (one way)

Directions: Stay on Main Road, turn right at Spencer’s Cove Road, left at Monkstown Road and you will see the sign for the trail.

Rated: Easy to Moderate

The Otter Rub/War Path Trail
– located in Arnold’s Cove
Boasts: Military Towers remaining from World War II, shoreline

Distance: 1 km (one way)

Directions: Follow the Main Road to Peach Street. Turn right and the trailhead is located at the end of Peach Street.

Rated: Moderate

Old Cabot Highway to Arthur’s Hill
– located in Arnold’s Cove
Boasts: Nature and wildlife at its most beautiful, history and an expanding view from the top
Distance: 2 km (one way)
Directions: Exit to Arnold’s Cove from the TCH and turn left at Arnold’s Cove Inn. Cross the bridge and the trailhead is at the end of the road.
Rated: Moderate

Cleary Hiking Trail
– located in Come by Chance
Boasts: Wooded trail that follows a river down to an estuary
Distance: 3.7 km (one way)
Directions: Exit route 268 to Come By Chance from TCH and continue for 3km along the Main Road. The trailhead is located at the end of the community.
Rated: Easy to Moderate

Truce Sound Coastal Trail
– located in Sunnyside
Boasts: A community hike that takes you along the coastline to Frenchman’s Island. Stop for a moment at the Peace Garden, a tribute to the native peoples who once occupied the land.
Distance: 1.5 km (one way)
Directions: The trailhead is well marked, about 1km from the Trans Canada Highway on the main road in Sunnyside.
Rated: Easy to Moderate

Centre Hill Wilderness Trail
– located in Sunnyside
Boasts: A hiker’s delight, climaxing at the highest point in eastern Newfoundland. Pass all the wonders of nature; river, forest, marsh and bog feeling the wind in your hair as you climb to the top of Centre Hill. Hope for a sunny day so you can breathe in the view and air from the five bays. Former fire tower look-out site.
Distance: 5 km (one way)
Directions: The trailhead is near the end of the main road in Sunnyside and is well marked.
Rated: Moderate



There are two estuaries in the area. One located in Arnold’s Cove and another in the neighboring community of Come by Chance. Estuaries are semi-enclosed bodies of water where fresh water from a river mixes with the salt water of the ocean. They are often referred to as “nurseries of the sea” because of their critical role in providing sheltered habitat and food for juvenile fish. Estuaries, because of their nature, attract a wide variety of predators, consisting mainly of shorebirds, seabirds, raptors and bigger fish.

The Killick Inn & Suites is ideally positioned as it overlooks the estuary in Arnold’s Cove. This Bird Sanctuary is home to many types of birds such as eagles, osprey, geese, ducks, just to name a few. You can see these birds flying over and diving for the catch of the day – all from the comfort of your own suite!



The history of Arnold’s Cove dates back to the early 1800’s and like many other coastal communities, the primary industry was the cod fishery.

Almost immediately after Confederation 1949, the new provincial government began its centralization program to encourage those living in outports around the island in to towns where services already existed. A total of 31 communities around Placentia Bay were abandoned over the next few years, and over the next 15 years the program moved more and more families toward the centers like Arnold’s Cove. By the end of the 1960’s, 122 families were moved from their outports and made their homes in Arnold’s Cove.

There are streets in Arnold’s Cove lined with houses that were floated over from resettled outports.  Some of the most famous homes that made the voyage still stand in Arnold’s Cove today.  Open to the public for viewing during the summer  is the Drake House. Learn more about the Drake House.

More information on the Resettlement Walk


Attractions and Events

When visiting Arnold’s Cove, Billy Wareham’s Fishing Stage is a must see – it is open to the public during the summer and it showcases artifacts and antique fishing tools and gear. This small property was passed down through three generations and the family refurbished it for the public’s viewing a few years ago.

Join us in the summer during Heritage Week – during this week you can expect a Mummer’s Parade, Christmas at the Drake House, Children’s activities, fish supper, lobster supper, and more!

Arnold’s Cove is also home to the annual Fog Festival – local musicians and entertainers, children’s activities and fireworks.  There is even an annual Fog Trot Run – a 10k run raising money for the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Looking to buy the freshest seafood? Our local seafood processor offers the freshest of selection to locals and visitors alike.

Visit the Town of Arnold’s Cove website for more information


Local Services & Amenities

  • East Coast Power Toys
    Irving Equipment
    Kevin Wareham Ltd.
    United Rentals

  • Robins Donuts

  • Scotiabank
    Crosbie Job Insurance

  • Fewer’s Funeral Home

  • Arnold’s Cove Foodland
    Liquor Express
    Pitcher’s Gas & Convenience
    Pitcher’s Grocery & Variety
    Avalon Ocean Products
    Icewater Seafoods

  • Ed’s Barber Shop
    Hair at Home
    The Spa Hut

  • Golden Years Manor
    Hilltop Manor
    The Killick In The Cove

  • Brookside Farms - Flowers
    Klothing Konnection
    Newhook’s Home Hardware
    Salvation Army Thrift Store
    Wareham’s Hardware

  • Atlantic Pilotage
    Harbour Authority & Marina

  • Arnold’s Cove Pharmacy
    Dr. Daniel Greene (Dentist)
    Dr. Geoffrey Fowlow (Medical Doctor)

  • Canada Post

  • Arnold’s Cove Public Library
    Wellness Centre/Gym